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The consequences of the unjust in my life...and a poetry



Hello Madonna


I don't know how to start after such a long time.

Things didn't work out as planned.


The unjust in my life.

I couldn't handle it anymore.


I got some proffesional help for a while.

But picking up my old life isn't that easy.


There all still the people I've hurt in august.

Some of them are my friends again (thank god).

But there are still a few who are silence to me.


I've also lost the spiritual connection, because of the medication I have to take right now and it sucks.

I'm planning to quit when the time is right again.

But for now...I have no choise.


I wish I could rewind these past few months and take back the things I've said.


On the upsite...I'm writing poetry again.

Maybe you have to sink low...to get your inspiration back.


Picking up my old life, while I'm feeling lonely, isn't easy.

But most of all...I miss the spiritual connection.

Will that come back, when I quit the medication?


On the bright side...now I can watch the confession tour without having your sex appeal affecting mine.

And I have the time to read your public story.


I hope everything is alright with you, and that your not overwelhemd by to much work.


Lovely Greetings,



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Below my latest poetry in English.

It's about all the people who won't contact me.




I feel powerless

What can I say

What can I do

What can I pray (for)


I feel powerless

Nothings seems right

No matter what I do

No matter what I wright


I feel powerless

Do I have to back away

Do I let the silence go on

Do I just have to pray


I feel powerless

The silence do I let that be

The silence caught in question marks

The silence is killing me


I feel powerless

Questions about what they want

Questions about how they are

Questions about our bound.


I feel powerless

I can not sleep

I can not stop wrighting

I can't cause it cuts to deep


I feel powerless

I miss you all

I miss our bounds

But I'm talking to a wall


I feel powerless

What can I say

What can I do

What can I pray (for)


Rebecca 17-02-2015

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