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Difficult 2 Navigate



Warning this might be hard to follow.


So yeah, i finally figured out how to post a new blog entry. Am i the only one has a hard time finding out how icon works now. There is way 2 many steps. I mean really I thought Dishnetwork was not user friendly. I've been trying to change my username and it says it's been changed but it doesn't change. The Madonna app that is wack and I've actually tweeted madonna and guy oseary to #fixtheapp

When I post something it doesn't show up and when i leave a comment it force closes and crashes. I even uninstalled it and downloaded it again. Cuz imma be real with u. I've been all into #unaplogeticbitch and it's like i can't express how much i love madonna and how excited and all the other things that u can share on social media. The users of the app that are able to post pictures and comments, the pics they upload the same reductive sh*t. Really. A really poor quality picture that isn't even clear. Really. Really The Queen of Pop is going to have an app but's not working correctly and i've sent dozens of reports to the sender when it crashes. This is the One and Only Madonna.Then I have these amazeballs creations and pictures and ideas and all stuff mdna related and the app crashes and I can't show my luv. Really Not a good look. I don't think it's acceptable. Also with all these leaks of unreleased photos and music that is out. First off I've been buying Madonna music since I was 10 years old and I bought the True Blue cassette. Also, I've never listened to leaks. I always wait until the day the album is released and buy it. Yes buy it. Since Like a Prayer i've always waited with such anticipation and excitement. I've been an Icon Member before it was free to register. So yeah I use to pay the annual fee to be in the exclusive Icon. I guess I'll call it Old School. I'm never thinking she needs to put something out right now. These fans these days are like New music new music new music, it's taking her so long. Really, I'm the real deal, not a novice fan. I'm a #diehardmdnafan I will not listen to it until the day that Madonna gives us some sonic sounds to luv.

I just realized, this is almost like a rant! Not exactly a rant, but alot of shittalking going on. but hey. I keep it real.

the new album. I'm so excited. It's sad that Icon has become a ghosttown. I think interscope sux, In all the years of me buying mdna merchandise i never had a botched and defective disc, not once but twice. Then the order was cancelled by amazon. WTF So yeah, I think the staff needs a serious meeting. This is Madonna and I don't think she'd be happy knowing that people who actually buy stuff are getting screwed. So yeah interscope sux


It might sound like i'm an unapologetic ***CENSORED***

But sometime you know I gotta call it like it is


sonic pressure


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