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A new Angle to Concerts



Dear Madonna, ladies and gentlemen,


I noticed some interviews on YouTube, where Madonna

describes her preferences to advance Her skills

in different forms of performance, e.g. dance,

movies, theater. It seems to me, that unlike

many other artists, Madonna seem to evolve,

move along with new opportunities for performances.


My sales pitch for this blog, discussion thread, is

that if a top notch artist like Madonna took her time to share

her observations about show related technology (e.g. sound-effects, computer-effects,

stage technology, social re-arrangements that change over time, etc.)

then other, non-artists, might contribute some thoughts

that are new to her.


It would be a win-win situation:


x) IT-guys like me can get to know, how top notch artists

like Madonna see various technologies from their artistic angle.


x) Madonna and people related to her will probably

get some alternative ideas, feedback, that they

otherwise would not get.


As a treat, temptation, I offer the following thought.





A subconscious sales pitch for a concert

is the pleasure that the audience gets from the concert.


May be the "stage" as such is a bit out-dated concept.

May be in stead of some higher area at one end of a hall/square

a slightly higher area might reside in the middle of the hall.

The protective barrier might be formed from a small, artificial,

pool that is lighted up by disco lights or screens that are

submerged under the water. The "zoom-screens" might

be at all "4 walls" of the hall. The artist might offer

some dance instructions that Madonna offered at one of her Facebook

album introductions.


That way the concert might be far more immersive than

the standard version, where people are expected to

stare at one end of the hall.


An interesting video effect might be

real-time animation of computer game characters.

The artist might wear small, costume-integrated,

detectors so that the game character always mimics

the moves of the artist. The game characters might

be even "in the background" of the artist (Madonna),

forming an "army of dancers".


Another video-effect might be a real-time video

of Madonna on the screen, but multiplied and mirrored,

so that whenever she waves, a whole "army of Madonnas"

waves on screens.


People, who wear Google Goggles, might have even

more virtual experiences, StarTrek like visual effects.


The fact is that music and visual effects are

easily accessible at home, from YouTube, in

computer games. Therefore, a concert has to be

something more than just superior music and visual

effects and fine live artists. Non-verbal communication

with other live people might be something that

only concerts can offer, PROVIDED THAT CONCERTS ARE


pay-for-the-ticket-and-stare type of concerts.


May be a concert might be a place, where the

artist is just aiding people to be "in trance".

May be the arrangement of a concert might facilitate

interaction between people. May be there might be

some dance partner finding technology, e.g. some cheap

accelerometer might be part of a wrist-band based ticket

and people, who have similar height and who rock their

hands similarly enough, are directed to meet each other.


The height of a person might be probabilistically

derived from the length of the person's arm.

The length of an arm might be statistically

guessed from the accelerations that the wrist-band-ticket has.


May be, just like emoticons, the








there might be "dance-icons". The first artist to

popularize them "TAKES THE FLOOR". What might be

the opposite to the "f_ck You" gesture? How to

express that gesture with a whole body?


Aren't artists just "Disk Jockeys that REMIX CULTURE",


regardless of the form of art (music, movie, play in the theater,


sculpture, design of buildings and clothing, etc.)




Thank You for reading this comment. :-)

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