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Ticket Master



Tried to over charge me for the mdna concert of 700. 00 dollars for two seats as I was getting them for me and an peep Melissa Curlanis who claims to have lost her ticket, to see a stalker person who looked like John Turner (low life scum who I had to report to HR and my ex boss Kelley Brow of stalk like tendencies against State Street policy) that he had no right to come 50 feet near me....that I had to contact another place and got them for 355.00......as my seats were in bal 307 row 1 seat i sat in 15 and on sept 4...that I couldnt understand why she would tell me the day of the concert of her lost ticket either seat 16 or the 14....as I still went alone.....and enjoyed myself......


Zarahrie (old name Donna never to be used under no circumstances as I did a nice legal name change)

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