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Darts anyone?



I met Madonna shortly after her breakup with Sean Penn in a bar called the Whiskey Still. I realize now that I never apologized for making you wait while I finished my dart game. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience to you. I was wondering if I could make it up to you with a free dart lesson.


I wish you, your children, and your charities the best..........sami


These questions and answers are hypothetical and in no way express the opinions of Madonna,

only myself.



Q. Does Madonna know how to throw darts?

A. No.


Q. Does Madonna know how to throw a baseball?

A. Yes.


Q. Does Madonna know how to throw a football?

A. No.


Q. Does Madonna like the game of darts?

A. No. She does not like the math.


Q. Does Madonna like the people who throw darts?

A. Yes, unless they ignore her, then no.


Q. Does Madonna know how to throw horseshoes?

A. Unknown, but given her excellent health, her extreme fitness routine, and her low center of gravity,

I think Madonna would be very good at horseshoes.


Q. Is Madonna tall enough to throw darts?

A. Although height is an advantage in darts, Madonna is tall enough to hit the dartboard, I think.


Q. Is Madonna blond enough to throw darts?

A. Yes.


Q. Is Madonna smart enough to throw darts?

A. Madonna should have a doctorate degree for all her efforts and studies, so I think darts is within her grasp.


Q. How long has Madonna been studying the Qabala?

A. Over 30 years.


Q. Why did Madonna pick such a long book to read?

A. Someone told her it was a good book?


Q. How long will it take for Madonna to finish the book?

A. Madonna has certainly read the entire book and still studies various parts, however, I think she should close the book on that part of her life and open a new one--maybe one on darts.


Q. Is Madonna a forgiving person?

A. From personal experience I find Madonna to be a very compassionate, warm, and loving person and would expect that she is a very forgiving person to those that are completely honest.


Q. Is Madonna a patient person?

A. Madonna is, can be, demanding in her want to achieve her goals too quickly, but has always shown the strength to persevere through adversity.


Q. Does Madonna have the time to learn darts?

A. Madonna would have to make an effort to make time for such a silly game. m u



I would like to address the fact that "president" Putan is an ass.

I do have a suggestion for Madonna, if you would permit, to engage in a countersuit against him for all his criminal acts against human rights in his so called free country. Throw a billion dollar lawsuit in his face listing all the crimes he has committed and his suit will seem meaningless, if it ever did mean anything except for him to show his greed and bigotry.



Career vs. Personal Life

Back to my original comment, I find that looking back on my life, particularly when I met Madonna, that my career was so dominant in my life that I did not take the opportunity to spend more time with the people I was close to at the time. Careers have taken priority over personal lives for many people, I'm sure. The sacrifices made to achieve our goals can be great, but some people, myself included, make these sacrifices regardless of the effect they may have.

Having ended one such career, I now have a chance to look to the future, as well as remember the past. Regret is not something I am particularly familiar with, but I do feel like I missed out on many opportunities to be happy with the one I love, and explore the possibility of having that love returned.

So I say to all you other "workaholics" : Make the time to spend with those you love because although we are only here for a short time, our love will endure forever.



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