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4th annual Fundraiser in Austin for African Mothers Health Initiative non profit



I am a Labor & Delivery nurse that has worked for St. David's NAMC in Austin , Texas for 9 years. I am part of a group of four RN NAMC nurses that traveled to Lilongwe, Malawi this past May to help a fellow nurse that has established a medical high risk ob patient and newborn infant clinic. We traveled with 10 plus large suitcases full of medical supplies and equipment that was desperately needed. I am a mother of 4 boys( one with autism) & found that traveling across the ocean to another continent was not only helpful to my fellow sister nurses but also to the precious people that we helped. Some of the living situations were dreadful but also humble. In a way it humbled me and I learned to find even more passion for my career choice. The friend we help is a nurse that is Joanne Jorissen Chiwaula Founder, Director of African Mothers Health Initiative. She is a hometown hero in my eyes. She traveled to learn the art of midwifery. When I worked side by side with her I would hear her stories. Many were of patients that she cared for were not able to survive due to basic needs that we here the states take for granted. She told me of how she to found even more compassion as she learned of the high mortality rate of the patients that she cared for. She saw so much need that the government there did not provide and many times she paid for formula,wound care supplies, food and medicine herself out of her meager salary. She travels back and forth between a job here at NAMC and her clinic in Lilongwe. She will be here this year for the fundraiser that supports the clinic costs. Most of the cost go to her staff of three nurses that travel by foot, minibus or bike taxi to find these patients. When we were there we were able to experience and assist with whatever was needed and helped in patient care, wound care and assessments. Please take a moment to see the information and ask letter that provides more links to her registered non profit that is in desperate need.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dehlia Ramos Gonzalez RN



Subject: Benefit - Request - African Mothers Health Initiative

Hello Friends. Last year, as many of you know, my wife Dehlia was able to travel on a mission to Malawi Africa as one of a group of nurses to provide medical services for mothers and infants in Malawi.


They worked hand in hand with the (AMHI) organization. AMHI is a small organization doing what they can to increase the level of care for mothers and infants.


AMHI is holding their 4th annual benefit next month. Dehlia and I are asking if you or your organization can donate any item or service that can be auctioned during the benefit. I have attached a flyer that includes additional details on the benefit as well as some information on AMHI and their website. Thank you for your consideration.

This year’s 4th annual benefit event will be held November 16th, in Austin, TX Due to our non-profit status this donation is considered a tax deduction.


For more information please visit us on the web at http://africanmothers.org




Phillip and Dehlia Gonzalez

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