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Madonna's "A Bedtime Story" and the Coming of a New Age



Greetings! I do not use the internet much anymore, but I have decided to post this blog as both a question and an apology to Madonna. Sorry I got so mad. I know that she is trying to stay relevant by trying to adapt to the times, and I respect that, but I must question the method by which they are imposing psychotronic warfare upon us. While an operation could have helped me, such as the one featured in "A Bedtime Story," I need there to be rules about using it so that it is not used more than once, as happened to me. Not only, but I thought they were trying to kill me during the operation and moved too much. I am somewhat disturbed to know that they did brain surgery on me without permission as well. I like having some control. Even my shrink respects some of my boundaries where Madonna's weapon did not. She knows she messed up. It is only partially her fault, however. Some of the blame is on Putin who sprinkled a scent of worth onto me. I know. Have a nice day, Madonna! By the way, Fluphenazine works really well, and I think that's all I needed.


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No, I'm not after your deep pockets, but be warned that the others are going to try to sue you. I'd start burning the names of all the people you "helped" now and find a good cover. I tried getting Putin to hand over dough, however, because he is the root of all my evil. He should hand it over. You should see what he paid to have done to me. Ha ha ha +rolls eyes+ What an immature jerk. They say my cognitive deficits are from my schizophrenia. You all just made my reality feel shitty. Oh well.

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