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50th Birthday



Hi All

My partner, Normand, is celebrting his 50th birthday on July 27th 2013! He is a huge fan of Madonna, and would like to suprize him with Madonna's photograph signed for him! I know it is kinda impossible to get that... but was hoping that someone, anyone, can direct me or at least show me a way of contacting her! Please... Help me make his 50th birthday even more special with Madonna! It would mean the world for him! His picture is attached


Many thanks.


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I can't remember the E Mail that was here for contacting Madonna directly..But there is a lady ICONer, her name is Ashley, I think..If you can locate her, she might still have the information...It was on this blog site up until 2 days ago......Just now I found the cure for your problem...Go to the blog entitled "This Morning."...There you will find the road to contacting Madonna....If that's any help...

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I find my comments have a habit of getting to the right people. I couldn't find her email either, so I posted here. It might get to her, might not. Who knows? She might read her own site...

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