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Dearest and greatest Madonna,


We are big fans of yours and we thought of a great idea for your next music production and hence tour.


In our imagination, the album is called:




The album name is inspired from the "Latino genre of music" which will be the base and concrete of Madonita album.


You have been super and extraordinary when you sang Latin flavor music such as: the timeless fairytale La Isla Bonita, You'll see, I'm going bananas, Masterpiece, I'd be surprisingly good for you, Be careful with my heart, and more!


In Madonita album we imagine a bunch of love songs, up-tempo Latino beat songs, mellow songs, dance songs and ballads.


For the tour, it will themed with colorful lively Latino flavor with amazing dancers and amazing you! Your extraordinary voice in Spanish and Latin rhythms and beats will be just wow!


Imagine a whole tour based on such Madonita album where you are the Latino princess or the Latino lover or the Latino poor girl - in any person, you will be a superstar!


The songs of the set list will include major hits from Madonita album plus La Isla Bonita, You'll see, I'm going bananas, Masterpiece, I'd be surprisingly good for you, and more!


Please think about it because our heart and mind are telling us it will be a major mega hit album and tour! It will be a total new shift and change from the current beautiful amazing Madonna to a new one however with flavors of the 80s Madonna too! Music producers will have the honor to work with you on this project as there are many latino and creative producers, writers, composers who dream to work with Madonna.


Madonita! Please come to life!


Your fans,


Talalio & A.M.D


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