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Desperately calling for albums reissue



I'm making a plea to Madonna's commercial Staff for reissuing Confessions on a Dance Floor and Ray of Light including the unreleased tracks and the special edition tracks.

It's a shame that dance/synth-pop gems like "Triggering Your Senses", "Keep The Trance" and "History (Land Of The Free)" miss in the basic edition of Confessions album. As well as the unreleased tracks of Ray of Light (along with "Has to Be", an ambient/new age pearl which is prerogative of the japanese edition) went to waste, when they could be released as a deluxe 2 CD set. What a pity!

I hope the commercial Staff will consider this request one day, I'm sure the reissues would obtain notable success too. This is a win-win situation.


Thank you


Flavio M.


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Hi, there's a wikipedia page dedicated to all the unrealesed tracks of Her discography. I suggest you to listen to all these songs, Triggering your Senses, Has to Be etc.... pure masterpieces

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