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Hi Madonna....Just wanna to say how much i'm sad that you couldn't make it for sec time in Croatia... :(...I hope u will for your next tour...I love you and i admire you since i was a little girl...You are a big part of my life and U WILL ALWAYS BE THAT WAY... :rolleyes:I am so proud because i am your motherfucking fan num !....I'm just a girl in this world...Anyway...I just wanna to share with u and anyone who read this that i had the best time of my life on your 5 tours......First it was BLOND AMBITION in Paris...Awsome..Looove when i hear you speaking French...So Sweet <3..Then Re-invention...Confessions..sticky & sweet in 3 towns..Belgrade,Budva,Wienna,and now your MDNA 4 times,5 amazing shows...In Wienna,Florence,Milano,london,Zurich...Followed You everywhere around Europe <3 You Are my love...My icon..my inspiration...u are my Sun on a rainy day...I trulla amazingly love you up,up to the sky <3 :wub:Really...love you,mean it!!!So i hope i will reach your hand one more time like i did in Florence8off course i was in LOVE MOTHERFUCKER'S PIT) AS AAALWAAYS or in a GOLDEN CIRCLE...EVERYTIME!!!!!Hope there's more... well...just wanna to say to U how much i was happy about it when the tickets starts selling here in Zagreb ....i remember i buy them and when i was on my way to work i was so f****** happy i jumped i was so happy i had tickets for the first time in Croatia that i slliped and hurt my had on ice(it was Winter) omg i almost break my neck,my nail was broken...I was bleeding..But it does not bother me or hurt me...Myb that was a sign that u will not have a show here,but a feeling that u have a tickets in your hands and suddenly after about two months the show ic CANCELLED :(OMG OMG OMG!I almost DIED!i immidietly go on this site and i buyy several tickets for Italy and later for Zurich,London....Omg i cryed so much...People love you here in croatia,but the organisation is sh** here,the ppl who had to make it happened fuc*** up everything...IT'S SOOOO EMBERESSING!ONLY CROATIA IS CANCELLED and for sec time...well my Madonna i hope that the third luck will make it happened :rolleyes:I AM PRAYING FOR IT!!TILL NEXT TIME...I DON'T MIND YOU OR ANYBODY FOR THAT.I LOVE YOU AND I AM WISHING YOU TO TAKE A REST AND TO BE WITH YOUR KIDS AS YOU WANT MORE OFF COURSE....YOUR CHILDREN ARE AMAZING BEAUTIFULL KIDS,WISHING YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY ALL THE BEST FOR NEW 2013 YEAR,AND MERRY CHRISTMASS TO ALL,HAPPY HANUKAH(A BIT LATE)BUT U KNOW WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY...DANCE AN SING GET UP AN DO UR THING...LET THE LOVE SURROUND YOU...SHALOM...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME....XOXOXO ALEXANDRA FROM CRO :)


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oH THANK YOU ANTARA...i DIDN'T MISSED MDNA SHOW,BUT IT WAS TERRIBLE feeling when i was returning tickets...Omg it was a quite shock...I hope she will come here(the 3-rd luck) for a next tour....I am so happy that she even think about to come here,but...the ppl who had to organise the show couldn't get deal with Guy...that is my oppinion....bec they r f***** up everything,and told us that the reason is logistic...i mean WTF????IT'S MADONNA STUPID PPL!!!!!!!!!!!well nevermind....I had a blast for this year with Her....THE SHOWS WERE AWSOOOOOOOOMEEEEEE!!!!!I WAS SO CLOSE TO HER !I LOVE YOU MADONNA...And thank you Antara xoxo.....

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