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How to get into the Golden Traingle



Hello guys, my name is Andrey (FB:https://www.facebook.com/andrey.marassi), I'm brazilian, I'll go next month at the both shows that Madonna will do in São Paulo, I NEED get into the golden triangle, no no, you don't understand, I neeed it, it means much to me than you could think, and I wanna ask if there's some way to get into the PIT without the contest (I don't really have luck :unsure:)

:DThank you guys


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This is what I understand.You get a photo of yourself holding your admission ticket. Make it from your cell phone. Then put it on your computer with ICON E mail contest address..Next, you pipe the photo to ICOn..The judges examine all such photos and notify you E mail style if you win....If that is any help, sir...

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And one final thought; you might not want to send the photo up side down; as I can't imagine the ICON judges having to stand on their head to examine your picture with the concert ticket...I may be wrong but.......end

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