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From: a few thank yous!!



Madonna is the greatest singer, actress and entertainer ever..She has earned the title Queen Of Pop many times over..She deserves an award for the immense acting strain she put in to the making of Evita..All the tiring work of going all over the world on her tours...Perspiring under the hot stage lights and all the energy in singing and rehearsing..We see the finished product but never can we appreciate all the effort she puts in to make us happy during her rehearsals...I will be an ICON member as long as she and ICON want me....It's the least I can do .. :D It's nice to be able for us to share our thoughts with Madonna either directly or indirectly through the fan site....Some of us may never meet her absolutely directly..So this way of expressing ourselves to Madonna is greatly appreciated. :lol:



Source: a few thank yous!!

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