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Atlanta's MDNA Tour Stop at Phillips Arena & Guy's Tweet



I know its a few hours away from #MDNAAtlanta but my friends and I have been on twitter for 22 hours or more tweeting to @GuyOseary about who deserves pit tickets. I have upper arena tickets for tonights show in Phillips Arena here in ATL, but after being up all night and tweeting to what seems to be a lost cause, I am a little disgusted that guy could not at least tweet and say if the contest is over or not. Look at our timelines on twitter and you will see that @jrhanson922, @criticalcareguy, @dweezieky (me), @imperieaux, @littlestar90, @raestang06, @jdr131, and many others have devoted our friday and now our Saturday to our #QueenOfPop...but for what? Please Guy, Sam, et al., can you let us know if the contest has ended via twitter too?

Thanks from you loyal #madonnaFamily,

-Dwight S.


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I understood you send a picture of yourself holding a MDNA ticket; you pipe it to ICON by the computer..If you win, you get an E mail..And that's that..All seats to see Madonna are also good even if they're not in GT..

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Wish I were going to see her in Atlanta, instead I saw her in lame Charlotte. The audience was lame, no energy, did not want to get off their asses, and I am sure Madonna felt it too. To many haters in Charlotte, they dont understand a Madonna Concert!! I love you, Madonna!

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This, I think can upset Madonna quite a bit; as it would annoy me if I were she. Madonna works so hard and she faces a large number of zombies..So yes, if she expresses her feelings which I can't blame her, then the newspapers crawl all over us; Madonna and her fans... It's unfortunate sometimes the audience consists of people who rather should be in a movie theater where they can sleep...As destiny would have it, Madonna gets them instead....

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