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From: Thank You ICON!



I would thank ICON for all Madonna's concerts, interviews and movies; working together as a team made Madonna the greatest in the entertainment world.. And this is also a new wonderful screen, colorful, easy to see more distinctly and also with a blog feature..So the ICON team is owed another Thank you.. :D



Source: Thank You ICON!

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And also for her 25+ years of being in the entertainment world..I can understand it must be hard for Madonna to travel so often world wide and be away from her family long periods of time.. :o And if people would just think of the enormous strain Madonna undertakes to travel world wide; to make movies and direct them; to perform under such hot stage lights; they should never be critical of her...These people just sit on their can and complain..I'm sure Madonna knows this is an occupational hazard..She must accept but it just ain't right. :mellow:

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