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Thank You, Madonna



blog-0000496001352338891.jpgDear Madonna,


Thank you for making election night 2012 so memorable for me and my friend last night in Pittsburgh, PA. It was awesome to celebrate President Obama's victory with you and you put on a SPECTACULAR show, needless to say. I have always admired your confidence, courage, intelligence and overall awesomeness. I will never forget your concert last night and your never-ending support of our struggle for freedom of speech and human rights. Your pre-show prayer for Obama clinched the election I believe.




Krystyna Dabrowski


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I would also want to thank Madonna; in addition to all her entertaining years, the strenuous world wide tour MDNA and at the same time to help Pres. Obama win re-election...Madonna is one hell of a great woman..I do not take her efforts in all these matters for granted nor do I take my ICON friendship with her as coming to me..I realize I must earn this.. :rolleyes: I'm sure Madonna convinced many people of how to vote and inevitably turned out many votes for Pres. Obama..

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She sure has evolved since I last saw her first show in 1985 here in Pgh. Pa. I often wondered why she skiped over us after all of these years, but then I figured she just out grew us. Pittsburgh happens to be a BIG little city and I was thrilled to see her finally come around to see us again! Yes, thank you Madonna. Your show was great but I could have done without the blood and violence when you were in the scene in the hotel room with that song about shooting your lover dead in the head. I felt a little downhearted at times with some of the new songs, just not my style at this stage of the game. I suppose music is headed inot a downward spiral from my Roman Catholic point of view. Just being honest and speaking how I feel since I live in America a free country. I guess I've just been on the long and narrow path for quite a while now and everything else just seems strange to me. God bless everyone and Madonna and don't forget to thank The Lord Jesus Christ for actually suffering and dying on the cross and shedding every single last drop of blood out of his body in order to save us from sin. I just left this show with a dark and sad feeling and a few extra gulps....not that I'm afraid of anything....just saddened by it all.

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I know one of the MDNA songs which Madonna done at the concert I attended is I'm A Sinner which is a tear jerker as it represents the passing of the person into the Eternal; but this is part of MDNA so I feel happy I enjoyed Madonna's performance..

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THe night was made memorable not only because she sung Holiday, but her "happy dance" and her sheer joy the rest of the night after Obama won added to the amazing show. My wife and I were lucky and won pit passes through the fan club. OMG! what an experience.

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