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Madonna's brother back from limbo and criticism for dating young boys



The brothers' relationship is shaken for more than three years since he decided to write the book "Life With My Sister Madonna," which revealed secrets of the greatest pop star, but Christopher Ciccone always comes back to give some two cents and appear in media.

He recently gave a brief interview with Radar Online site and says he thinks that Madonna scary dating boys much younger than her. Dated Madonna and baby Jesus Light now dating Zaibat Brahim, both 24 years.

"If she keeps dating these young guys is going to be scary. But I think a lot of Madonna's emotional needs are met by caring for their children. These lovers should even be a kind of distraction for her. Surely she is not following the social values, but she never did and probably never will, "said Christopher.

Besides his sister, obviously he was cut from having relations with children from Madonna, but Christopher still dream one day to have a chance to have contact with them.

"Lola has turned very well and I'm sure the mother is very proud of her. I hope I have the same relationship to the children of the Madonna as I have with the children of our sister Melanie. "

He has also started a company to assist artists, "Ciccone The Factory" , and hopes to teach aspiring to stardom as achieving success also earned by Madonna.

Ironically, when he sees artists like Lady Gaga , he remembers when he worked with her sister to elaborate choreography and performances.

"I can see much of the influence of my sister in that Lady Gaga is today. I think Lady Gaga a good songwriter, singer and performer but sometimes she goes too far with its visual and attitudes and this can be difficult for some fans to identify themselves. "

"Madonna was a genius at changing her image into something that fans could identify themselves and if they wanted to replicate. That's something I'm trying to teach as a mentor to aspiring artists. "

                                MADONNA and brother Chris

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