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music on my profile page



hi all,

some of you have music that plays on your profile page when i view your page.  can someone guide me as to how i might do that as well?  i noticed some use MIXpod, but i dont know how to get it onto my page.  please if you can help i would greatly appreciate it.

ciao from san francisco,


oh come on, its been 2 days....someone please help me out!  GIVE IT UP AND DO AS I SAY!  GIVE IT UP AND LET ME HAVE MY WAY!

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I can tell you something strange that happens once in a while...I'm home sleeping; my computer lap top is off and yet all of a sudden it will play the song of the first page of the Madonna fan site for 15 seconds and stop...It does this on its own..Does this give you a hint as to your question?..

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