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I mean how much of a dick can you be? Coming on to replace Larry King's talk show that had been on for 25 years with this schmuck? Who the ***CENSORED*** is this creep?

Banning Madonna from the beginning, saying she's "boring" and "old".....and demanding her "get on bended knee in Times Square and apologize to" him! What the hell is this guy? The EGO the size of ***CENSORED*** Texas?

His arrogance and egotistical air about him is a turn off from the beginning. And Who is that Guy? A judge on some stupid talent show? Geeze....I ask all Madonna fans to boycott his show and not even turn it on and watch his snotty face.....bragging that he made Simon Cowell cry...who the ***CENSORED*** cares?

His first guest tonight is Oprah Winfrey---and don't we already know all about her anyway? Is that his major goal in his show to make people cry? Is that such a great thing? I'd rather make people laugh and be lighthearted....but no, he wants to make his guests sad and cry.....that is not something I want to see.

And the other person he banned is Heather Mills McCartney......he said he introduced her to Paul and he said he was sorry about that because it cost Paul $50 Million...so he is saying he is responsible for their getting married too? Did he help consummate their marriage too and deliver their child as well?

He gives himself way too much credit.....and he's so snobby and arrogant.....no reason to watch him at all....

Larry King was getting up there, but Piers Morgan is NO Larry King---at least King was nice to his guests and never went so low to ban people from his show.....even before it even started! Using Madonna's fame to boost his own new talk show? CNN has really gone to a new low, IMHO.....

BOYCOTT PIERS MORGAN ON CNN.....raise our middle fingers to him in solidarity as Madonna fans!!!



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