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What is Madonna doing?



I have been a fan of the queen for quite a number of decades now!  I can not remember a time when I have been so not content with the queen.  It seems that now adays she is preoccupied with a multitude of projects and music has become, well it has'nt.  She has been making films, opening gyms, designing glasses and clothing lines for women mind you when a huge following of hers are gay men, and has been involved in all sorts of other projects and has seemed to forgotten about why she became famous in the first place, "MUSIC!"  In the meantime, you have other artist that are hijacking the music scene while Madonna fans stand in the shadows!  I for one can say for the first time that I've had it with the queen.  Either she makes music or retire and go on about her other projects which is totally fine with me.  But she does need to remember that her fans love her because of her music and after all the money that we have happily spent on her we should get some respect.  I love Madonna but I honestly think that she has given up on music, I don't think she has what it takes to compete with the artist of today! and you all know who im talking about, Madonna will always be the queen and her live shows will remain the best ever, but I think as fans we need to realize that Madonna had her run and should start looking elsewhere for creativity and freshness in music.  What are your thougths?


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