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Projecting the next M, World Tour!



Hello Iconers!

With the new year comes a new Madonna and the anticipation of new music.  If it all holds true to precedence, Madonna's next tour should be schedule to hit the road in 2011!  So with that, is anyone wondering or worried about the cost of tickets?  I am wondering how high Live Nation will take it this time around?  I have been checking out artist such as Beyonce, Britney, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey, all charging outragous prices even topping those of Madonna.  For example, Beyonce had ticket prices ranging all the way up to $1000 (us dollars, for packages), Britney Spears $750.00, Lady Gage who is on tour for the first time ever here in the states, is charging upwards $275 (package), Mariah Carey who is not know for her stage presence is currently charging $475 for top package!  So is everyone getting the hint here!  Madonna could easily go to $2000 for a nice packaged deal!  However, keep in mind that all of the above concerts took place in Arenas or small auditariums and not gigantic stadiums like our queen is accustomed to.  Nevertheless, expect to pay a pretty penny to see the queen in 2011.  I hope that I can start saving soon enough so that I can see her around the world!  What are you thoghts?


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