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Love doesn't have age



What is the secret of the big boys? After a wave of much older men with young girls 20, 30 years younger, it's time of the women give change. The new breed of women - some fifties, some not - has elected as boyfriends and husbands some men younger than them, just enough to show that they can, they also have the right "to parade around" with their "babies" .

To endorse that theory above, recently the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) released a survey showing that an increasing number of women have married younger men in Brazil. 19.3% of women broke with tradition and married young lovers in 1999, 24% had the same "courage"in 2009. 4% may seem low, but such unions were 935,116 last year. Also according to the survey, is in Amapa ( a Brazilian State) where that kind of romance is the most common.

Madonna and Jesus Luz: The dating has ended up, but there was much talk about this romance. In late 2008, the pop star came to Brazil to promote the tour, "Sticky & Sweet" and, during her visit, was photographed for a magazine with a model - until then - unknown. And who could imagine that the editorial would become a dating? Soon after the marriage of nearly eight years with Guy Ritchie, our queen showed to the world that had "snagged"  the model of only 23. What are 29 years apart, isn't it?

Nowadays, according some magazines and newspapers, Madonna is dating Brahim Zaibat 24.

Source: MSN Entretenimento


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