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Forbes List: Hollywood’s 20 Highest-Earning of 2010
Forbes has released their list of the Top 20 highest-paid men and women in Hollywood, including Beyoncé as the highest-earning pop star, earning an estimated $87 million. Other Forbes‘ regulars Britney Spears ($64 million), Lady Gaga ($62), Madonna ($58), Miley Cyrus ($48), and Taylor Swift ($45) also made the cut.
Even more impressive, Madonna didn’t even have any albums, tours, films or singles that dropped this past year.
Here’s the full list of Forbes’ List of Hollywood’s 20 Highest Earning of 2010:

01. Oprah Winfrey: $315 million

02. James Cameron: $210 million

03. Tyler Perry: $125 million

04. Michael Bay: $120 million

05. Tiger Woods: $105 million

06. Jerry Bruckheimer: $100 million

07. Steven Spielberg: $100 million

08. George Lucas: $95 million

09. Beyonce Knowles: $87 million

10. Dr. Phil: $80 million

11. Jerry Seinfeld: $75 million

12. Britney Spears: $64 million

13. Lady Gaga: $62 million

14. Madonna: $58 million

15. Sandra Bullock: $56 million

16. Ellen DeGeneres: $55 million

17. Miley Cyrus: $48 million

18. Taylor Swift: $45 million

19. Judge Judy Sheindlin: $45 million

You’ll See in David Foster Compilation
Warner Bros Records UK has released The Magic Of David Foster & Friends a 34 track, 2 cd compilation that celebrates the career of this amazing songwriter. Madonna’s most famous collaboration with Foster, the 1995 ballad “You’ll See” is included in the mix.


A New Book in Potuguese on Madonna’s Work
As he was working on his thesis for the Master in Communication Science at the University of Lisbon, Bruno Fernandes decided to release a book called MultiMadonna that tries to analyze 46 Madonna video clips.
Order MultiMadonna by sending an email to Bruno Fernandes.


MuchMore Music former host gives his impressions on M
Here’s what Bill Welychka had to say about interviewing Madonna in 2003…

Read more: http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2010/12/27/youll-see-a-new-book-interviewing-madonna/#ixzz19RSTbIyI


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