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has madonna ,s interview with ellen had an effect on you?



This interview has effect me so much in the fact i wish someone like Madoona had been arround when i was a teenager to talk to , i would not feel like i feel today. I have no  regrets in my life just , but how i wish i had had the understanding and communication with my parents that Madonna has with her children. Instead of being told it was shame ful to be bisexual and not  'normal' whatever that is and i would grow out of it, i never told anyone after that till i meet my second husband 8 years ago, but still hold it all inside and it eats away at me everyday.

I just wonder if any of you out there feel like i do or decided no this is me and thats that

Madonna you are one in a million and i truely hope you made those bullies out there think how would they feel if it was them or is that the truth they are running from.



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