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M Interview About Hard Candy Fitness



- What made you decide to enter the fitness industry?

I’ve spent my whole carrer being dedicated to health, training and spirituality and during that time I’ve worked in hundreds of gyms, studies and with the best trainers and dancers in the world. From those experiences I’ve developed a strong vision of what the atmosphere for the ideal training is, and that we’ve transformed into a reality with Hard Candy Fitness.

- You’ve been in shape for decades, How important is training in your life style and how has your personal regimen changed through the years?

Health, exercise and spirituality are essencial in my life. I think our bodies are a gift and we must do everything in our reach to take care of them.
Also, I think that the more I make myself be better and stronger, I can inspire others to do the same, through my fitness clubs. When I speak about exercise, I’ve tried everything and I know what works and what doesn’t.

- Why start in Mexico?

Mexico City was one of the Sticky & Sweet Tour stops. I loved the energy of people and their eclectic vibe. Being close, relatively, from the United States, makes me able to be more involved in every step of the development of the creation of the brand, wich makes it ideal for the launch of Hard Candy Fitness.

Our objective is to use Mexico as a location to synchronize our brand, and that way expand to other countries and, in the long run, develop a global brand that will include the United States.

- How involved are you or will you be in its dialy operations?

I’ve been involved in every step of the process, starting from the name, the logo, the entity of the brand, and the interior and exterior design. My main objective is to create the ideal atmosphere to inspire our members to think of the results. I’ve had an important participation in the global development, and in all the details of the programs and the training. I want our members to love the club, but I also want them to have results, after all, “Harder is better”.

- What kind of programs can members encounter in Hard Candy that they won’t find in other places?

For years I’ve tried hundreds of disciplines, methods and different modalities. From my experiences I’ve created dozens of specialized classes to inspire people to sculpt their bodies. I believe in connecting with the body, the mind and the soul. Members can find our distinction in the classes, themes and the relationship there is with my carrer and my passion to be in shape.

- How expensive will the construction of Hard Candy Fitness be?

If any of you has been in one of my shows, you’ll know that I spare no expense in any of them and the same thing happens with the gym. We’ve spent the necessary to make a first class gym at a world level.

All the gyms will have a wide program of training, personal assistance from the staff, so everyone ends up being “Eye Candy”; first class cardio equipment, the Hard Candy bar, lighting and sound equipment to help motivate people; music and art chosen by me, from my favourite artists.

There will also be a sauna room and steam, like a first class spa, and the same with the pools, also the website and the trainers will be connected through a unique platform, dotFit.com, to give all the users a program of calorie burning per exercise, wich works as a great tool for members, who will be a part of the Hard Candy virtual gym.

- Why did you chose the name Hard Candy?

It was the name of my most recent album, and I loved it and decided it would be the perfect way to mix the definitions of “Hard Body” and “Eye Candy”. So we created the idea of “Harder is better”, because it’s true. Its a sexy brand that gives you the opportunity to have fun, making an effort as big as your imagination allows you to.

- How is the acceptance for the gym going in Mexico, how are you promoting the brand?

We are just starting, but the response has been fantastic. The demand has been important and there has been a lot of subscriptions that have surpassed our initial projection.
We are extremely trustful with the development and the results.

- Will you exercise on the gym in case you are near the place, and where do you work out now?

As I said before, I am completely immersed with the company. In fact, I will give a presentation class in the club. I’m planning in visiting franchises and participating in active form, when all of them exist.


Translation by Madonna-Infinity.com



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