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Madonna admits she suffered bullying



Madonna, queen of pop, confessed that as a child and teenager suffered bullying (bullying), he was molested by her schoolmates for being different.

"I still feel different," explained the singer to appear on the agenda of Ellen DeGeneres, in the interview, Madonna said he was concerned about the high number of teen suicides because of bullying.

"Suicide in general is overwhelming. Teen suicide is extremely overwhelming, but to hear that teenagers commit suicide because they are bullying in schools, it is incomprehensible," according to Us Weekly magazine reported.

The 52 year old artist said he understood how young people feel they suffer from peer pressure.

"I can relate to the idea of feeling isolated and alienated. I was incredibly lonely as a child, as a teenager." It was her ballet teacher who helped coupling and told him it was okay to be "different."

Another artist who a few weeks ago talked about the bullying he suffered as a student, was the English singer Susan Boyle.

(With information from Excelsior)


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