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I sooooo need a vacation!!!



man, I need a vacation! internet, here, fb, otherwise i think i'll go crazy lol. a nice vacation would be nice! i wanna be on a beach! :D
I just tried to upload a video via blog post, and it got rejected! omg!!!!!! *rolls eyes* then I got an email that said it had to be in a certain size and in mp3. mp3?? why?? you know what? i'm so glad youtube is nicer! lol I just tried to do another video on here as well, it also got rejected! but you know what? I don't care.....***CENSORED*** YOU ICON! yes there look I said ha ha ha! rejected a members video, you know how dumb that is? ughhhh pain in the ***CENSORED*** ass when all you wanna do is upload a simple, nice video of yourself! i give up! so pointless. it's not even worth it so I won't even bother! pffffft! :P!!!!!
Yeah so I think i'm just gonna take a break from here for the rest of the week, i'll still check in on Facebook. a nice clean relaxing break from the internet never looked soooooooo good!!
I'll be back! :) <3


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