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Happy 18th Birthday to SEX!



the book that is! LMAO!
I remember how much hoopla and hype this got! people complaining and saying shit like "oh she went to far" "Oh this is gross" LOL. ummm yeah well people, fyi, yes, she was pushing bounderies, and pushed buttons, i'd say hell, all power to her!! I bet no other woman would ever do that like she did! bravo M! walking down the street totally naked! raaawar! Madonna has some brave balls! lol ;)
I was too young to know what was going on, all I remember is seeing pics of her walking down the street, and that hot pic of her and Vanilla Ice, of course it was blocked! you know how magazines go! LOL!
This is one juicy hot collectors item, I think would be incredibly hard to give up! I would never sell mine. oh wait, I don't even have one! :o
YAY! Happy Birthday!!!! this anniversary deserves a hip hip horrrrray!! :D


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