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Liz Rosenberg Gets Back At Reporter



'The Insider' reporter under intimidation from Liz Rosenberg

September 25, 2010 : It has reported that Madonna's publicist of a long-time; Liz Rosenberg has apparently put a reporter in her place. This allegedly happened at the Macy's launching of the Material Girl fashion line this Wednesday.


Rosenberg was allowed to ask a total of three questions; she said that each and every question needs to have a relation to fashion and nothing else. Despite of this a particular reporter from 'The Insider' asked a personal question regarding the breakup of Ashton and Demi Moore. This wasn't expected and thus she was obviously taught a lesson.


Liz simply snatched the microphone from the hand of the reporter. While Madonna and her daughter stayed calm and reserved, without even flashing an eyelid. According to another source, Liz reportedly pointed at the reporter, calling her a 'bad-girl'.


The vehemence with which Liz Rosenberg 'defended' the discipline, it was quite exceptional. It was professional too since she only 'punished' someone who disobeyed the instructions.


She thus acted like a strict hall monitor, out to punish anyone disobeying rules. Liz has been therefore called scary by the press-media. She however, was only doing her job that she has been hired for.


SOURCE: http://www.newkerala.com/news/world/fullnews-49397.htm


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