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Gaga Undercover Interview



Lady Gaga Compares Herself To Queen, Bowie and Madonna – The Undercover Interview

by Paul Cashmere - September 11 2010

photo by Ros O'Gorman

Lady Gaga has compared herself to Queen, David Bowie and Madonna in her Undercover Interview but says it is not for the music, it is for the theatrics.

“I do have a lot in common with them and what I have in common with David Bowie and with Queen and with Prince and with Madonna is the way that I combine theatrics and the visual in all of my performance. The fashion and the imagery and what I am trying to say as an artist goes much further beyond the music,” she tells Tim Cashmere at Undercover.com.au.

Gaga says it is about reinventing the past and making it part of your own. “I don’t like when bands compare themselves to artists from the past and try to mimic them and their music and it sounds like a copycat,” she tells Undercover. “The intention for not me is to sound just like Bowie or Madonna or Prince. It is to full references from all of these different people and create something fresh and new and futuristic and pop and different.”

Lady Gaga says she understands why people think she is really a man. “I do sing more= like a guy than like a girl so all of those male references that I am pulling, you can hear it in my voice”.

Watch the Lady Gaga interview with Undercover’s Tim Cashmere here:











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