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Lourdes Marijuana Leaf Bracelet



Madonna's daughter wears marijuana leaf accessory to 1st day of school

New York, Sept 10 : Queen of Pop Madonna's 13-year-old daughter Lourdes turned heads at her first day at LaGuardia High School with a flashy accessory: a marijuana leaf-print wristband .

Apart from being the daughter of a pop legend, Lourdes's also a fashion designer , who launched her Macy's junior line Material Girl earlier this summer.

She's quickly become a new fashion icon for young girls and a brand ambassador.

"Even though she is just a teenager, she is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion," the New York Daily quoted Lauren Sherman, senior editor of style blog Fashionista.com, as saying.

"Thanks to her mom, she's been exposed to so much more than most kids her age," she said.

Sherman adds that Lourdes' highly-read fashion blog, MaterialGirlCollection.com makes her a tastemaker to her fellow teens, in more than just the world of style.

"We are really getting a sense of who this girl is through the blog and she definitely has a voice," she says.

"And now that she's in a public school, she'll learn that every little thing she blogs, does and wears will be watched and talked about." she added.



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