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Genius "Out-Button" (from http://madonnaradio.wordpress.com )



This year (February 2010), we lost a Genius named Alexander McQueen. In my opinion, he created from his subconscious and conscious mind, obviously troubled with a beautiful mind. It's like, during fashion week, he pressed the "Out-Button" and checked out of our universe. That button bothers me. Apparently he suffered from anxiety and depression, like many genius minds who make global change. [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="secret_url=false" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/madonna-lucky-star-dens54-leila-k-version] Madonna - Lucky Star (Dens54 Leila K Version) by madonnaradio I've been watching Lady GaGa on her musical journey. She's a force. I admire her vocal and visual talent. After I watched Lady GaGa's video "Bad Romance", styled by McQueen, I knew that was the future of fashion, that was "IT". I pulled everything the two of them were doing, and studied. In my opinion, McQueen made Lady GaGa into an other-worldly Icon. The fashion was totally beyond, I began watching his styles on the runway. The two were a muse to each other. He brought Couture to a level i've not seen in this lifetime. Being addicted to Madonna, i wondered what she was thinking while she watched this major force unfolding. He was 40 years old. He was the youngest of six children. Madonna and McQueen had many facets alike. After his death, Madonna released a statement "Lee McQueen was a truly unique visionary in the world of fashion. A creator of beauty. What a tragedy." http://madonnaradio.com I wonder if the visions of Madonna and the visions of McQueen are/were intertwined with a subconscious/conscious creation of art yielding innate abilities to change industry. My heart says that the female mind-processing handles the Icon deeming powers with less doubt. I believe doubt took McQueen. My favorite look in Madonna's world was Shanti-Shanti / Ray of Light / MTV by McQueen shrouding Madonna. [caption id=attachment_547" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="Madonna wearing Alexander McQueen]Madonna wearing Alexander McQueen[/caption] [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="secret_url=false" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/secret-aaron-darc-remix-1] Secret (Aaron Darc Remix) by madonnaradio


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