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capricorn sept 2010 - madonna the mentor



Capricorn Horoscope for September 2010


By Susan Miller



This month continues your meditation about what elements should stay in your life, and what has to go. It's not easy to let go of certain people or things that once seemed so stable and secure, but the recent eclipses have revealed certain truths that are undeniable. As a practical soul, you are accepting of what you know and of making new arrangements.


Your career seems to have taken up a big part of your thinking lately. Saturn, your ruler, has recently arrived at the pinnacle point of your chart. When Saturn makes his appearance in any new house, it always suggests that a change in direction or some new development related to the activities of that house is about to happen. In your case, Saturn will spend the two coming years in your career sector, so it is as if Saturn has come to say, "The wind has changed direction. You will need to reinvent yourself professionally to remain relevant."


Making ourselves new and improved is a continual process for each of us, of course, in all phases of life. When any planet hits one of the pinnacle points - north, south, east, or west points - of the chart, it will act in a strong, intense way and speak louder and more insistently than if it were in any other part of the chart. Saturn is now doing that in your tenth house cusp, so it would be hard not to hear Saturn's messages. Keep in mind that Saturn has not been in this sign and solar house for Capricorn since 1980 to 1983, so this is a truly new influence.


The professional changes that you are now about to see won't be rapid, but rather gradual. You, like Saturn, are careful and cautious, so things will proceed in a logical, practical, and organic way. There will be no reason to rush - you can take your time to think, experiment, or talk to friends and colleagues. Often Saturn will bring opportunity and the teacher / mentor / boss to provide the information to help you along.


High energy Mars has been in your house of career since the end of July, and as you enter September, Mars will still be there for two more weeks until September 14. It seems you've been thinking about your career quite a bit lately. You may have been laying the groundwork for something new or, at the very least, thinking about what might excite you next. Mars will help you with those preparations.


If you feel you have been in the workforce too long to become excited about your career, that's not true - many experienced workers find job satisfaction later in life after making switches. Actually, the more experience you have, the better choices you are likely to make. You can be happier - you simply have to find the courage to take the leap. Saturn will help you do this by providing the opportunity and even the person or education to help groom you for that new spot.


Statistics are hard to come by, but some experts say that the average employed worker (all levels) will change careers three to seven times in their life. By that, the expert is not referring to a change of employer but a switch to doing something really new. Sometime between now and October 2012 you will be ready to follow either a new direction in your present career or turn to a completely new one.


While it's often anxiety producing to think you may have to shift into a different profession, the change is often easier than you think. If you dread going to work now, then you deserve to spend your time doing something you really enjoy. You also will grow in sophistication and leadership in a position that's meant for you. If you haven't yet had discussions about a new role you will take on, it's coming, and you are most likely to hear about it after the new moon on October 7.


In a sense, Pluto is working with Saturn by standing ready in Capricorn, for the first time since 1762-1778, to help you transform your lifestyle, and possibly even your looks - all, new and improved. Many people never get to experience Pluto in their sign, but you have it now, and if you were born early in your sign, within four days of December 23, you have Pluto's full attention to help you find new directions to explore.


This month, Pluto will go direct at 2 degrees Capricorn. For months, since early April, Pluto has stymied your biggest plans, for you work better and more decisively when this planet is moving direct. Now your engines will rev up, and you will have a powerful Pluto behind you until April 2011. If you were wondering why your progress seemed slow over the past five-and-a-half months, it was not your imagination - you were missing Pluto's direct support.


While Saturn moved through Virgo (September 2007 to July 2010), you gained a new and much broader perspective on life. Some Capricorns went back to college to gain more education, while other members of your sign took another root and became much more reflective, possibly even more spiritual and philosophical. The ninth house, where Saturn was based for three years, is the house that we look at to know when and how to rise above everyday routine existence - to see the full panorama of life and all that's possible in the future.


The new moon this month, September 8, will encourage more deep thinking. Many Capricorns will be excited about starting college / grad school this month. This would be the perfect time to direct your attention to ANY type of education, from grad school to continuing education. Even the idea of taking a seminar or two to brush up on changes in your industry would boost your interest and enthusiasm.


Alternatively, you might be contemplating the idea of taking a vacation. The ancients felt foreign travel was another form of education, which is why they coupled international travel with higher education in the ninth house. The new moon, September 8, will allow you to pack and go quickly. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo (and this is a new moon in Virgo), will send an important missive to Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting this trip could truly recharge you from the inside out. As long as you remain flexible if schedules change - and they might, as Mercury will be retrograde until September 14 - you will be fine.


If you can't travel and have no plans to take classes, you may also find opportunity in the media world, whether as a guest to be interviewed on TV or on the other side of the fence, as a writer, researcher, editor, or producer in a staff position. If you are self-employed, you may get the kind of publicity that could help you enormously.


If your birthday falls on January 6 or within four days of this date, you will benefit even more from this expansive new moon September 8 than any of your friends who may also be Capricorn. Of course, you may have other planets in Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo at 16 degrees.


This is a busy month, because Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will head back to Pisces on September 9, and will stay until January 22, 2011. Jupiter here will help you hone your communication skills, which is always a plus. In fact, you may be learning to create or communicate in a new way. If you always wrote magazine articles, you may be asked to host a radio show, as one example. You may take a class in improvisation and become interested in comedy writing. There are dozens of possibilities for you to explore.


On September 18, Jupiter (good fortune) and Uranus (surprises) will make a very rare and special conjunction, and when they do, these two powerhouse planets will light your solar third house of communication with 100,000 points of light. It will be a four-star day! September 18 is a Saturday, but you can use the Thursday and Friday leading to this wonder-day to your advantage, too. It would be a perfect time to give a speech, write or give a proposal, or be interviewed by the media. No matter what type of communication you choose to do, you seem to have a mesmerizing effect on others now, so use this ability. A loving universe has given it to you.


If you were born on or within five days of January 18, you will stand to benefit from this poetic linking in a very big way, although ALL Capricorns will have something to cheer about.


Your home and family are likely to be your focus at the full moon, September 23, plus or minus four days. You've had a lot of emphasis on housing and the affairs of parents over the past few months, and perhaps you've been putting the pieces of your puzzle in place. However, this full moon has all sorts of good and bad aspects associated with it, from superb and luxurious to jarring and upsetting. Your experience is likely to be a mixed bag, with lots of emotions in the air, and plenty of events to respond to.


If you have a partner, you may have problems convincing him or her of the wisdom of your impending domestic plans. Something about this full moon seems to separate you from your partner rather than bring you together. Be sure to bring your partner into your plans early on, instead of presenting ideas at the last minute - your partner may need time to adjust.


Jupiter will fall close to this full moon, protecting it, but with Saturn opposed, there seems to be a touch of sadness, too. Perhaps you are breaking up and you need to give your former partner back some possessions. It's never an easy process. Or, maybe your parents are moving out of the house of your childhood, and you will be helping them pack for their new move to a sunny climate. There seems to be a touch of sentimentality here, but hopefully, this won't apply to you.


The end of the month, September 30, brings Saturn conjunct the Sun, so again you will be thinking about your career. This may be a time when you will be forced to make a major long-term decision about your career, or that you will accept a major position. If you start a job on this day (or a day later), you will certainly work very hard, but you will also rise to an extremely powerful position. In that case, that may all be fine with you!


Before I go, I want you to know that this month won't only be about work and home - there will be moments of fun, too. Mars will move into Scorpio on September 14 to stay until October 28. While there, Mars will fill your eleventh house of friendship / events. Mars will see to it that you get lots of reasons to mix with your pals.


Venus will travel right along side Mars, so you can be sure the things you all do together will be fun and possibly even be pampering or luxurious at times. The closer you get to the end of the month, the closer Venus and Mars will be to each other - keep that in mind! (Hint: October 3 they will meet in conjunction, a lovely date night to look forward to for you.)


As Edna Buchanan said: "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves." This month, your friends will make a warm and comforting presence, and you will feel blessed to have them.


Your most romantic evenings will be September 4, 8, 11-12, 17, 18, 26, 27.


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