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Capricorn August 2010



Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller





Capricorn Horoscope for August 2010


By Susan Miller



If you have been feeling tossed about on the sea of life, it would certainly be understandable. Most Capricorns have coped with an enormous amount of upheaval lately due to the recent eclipses on June 26 and July 11. The areas of your life that are reshaping your world these days involve your career, your relationship with a significant other in love or business, and possibly regarding a residential, property, or family situation. That's a lot of change for anyone to digest, but this month, all these areas could again bring news.


This could become a landmark month for you. A rare cardinal cross is about to appear in the heavens on August 6 and 7, and could have a spillover effect a little beyond those dates, up to August 13.


This cross has been in the process of forming since June 26, the date of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn, but now all the planets, like guests at a wedding, have arrived and assumed their assigned places. Crosses are very rare because you need a group of planets to be in very precise tolerance and a very narrow limit of mathematical degrees, all at the same time. One of each of the elements must be present in cardinal signs, so in this case, we would need fire (Aries), water (Cancer), air (Libra), and earth (Capricorn) all within zero to 5 degrees. All of these qualifiers will be met on August 6 and 7. We will never see one like this again in our lifetime.


The planets involved are Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the transiting moon in Cancer. It is important to note that the planets involved here are mainly heavy-hitters - Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn! Mars, not to be outdone, will move to 5 degrees Libra and trigger the precise degree of the June 26 eclipse, thereby unlocking a message of that eclipse.


Most cross patterns have four planets at 90 degrees ("square") from each other with two oppositions, but this time we have ten squares and seven oppositions. Wow. This only increases the tensions and obstacles that are likely come up, but in so doing, necessary plans and changes will be made, and in the chaotic atmosphere, you will have the possibility for enormous personal growth.


One of the hallmarks of a cardinal sign is its insistence that this sign understand the concept of urgency. With any of the cardinal signs, things that need to happen do happen quickly, not in the fuzzy, distant future. As a result of all the changes that are happening in your life, you are getting a new appreciation of who you are, where you are headed, and what you want to happen next in your life. In fact, you may now begin to change your appearance quite a bit to reflect all the changes going on within you. In every way you are becoming new, and as you emerge out of your new shell, others will respond very positively to the new you.


Now and in weeks ahead, will have a chance to correct a past mistake or fine-tune a relationship, or, conversely, break up and walk away. With aspects in such extreme positions, you won't be able to put things off for another more convenient time.


If your birthday falls between December 21 and 26, or a little beyond these dates (or have planets or rising sign in early degrees of a cardinal sign), you will feel this month's energies very strongly. No doubt you have already seen some major life changes.


When planets push and pull at one another, they create quite a bit of tension. Parts that are weak will break down but areas that are strong will withstand all. Afterward you will know where the cracks in the foundation lie, for Pluto will show you clearly, and you will be able to either work to fix them or abandon the situation altogether.


In the media, you may hear about extreme acts of nature, say, possibly in regard to an earthquake, a fire due to lightning, or other dramatic phenomenon.


Also, since Pluto in Capricorn is playing such a central role in this configuration, and Capricorn rules global corporations and massive money and investments, the stock market could easily rock more than it did earlier this year. The date this is likely to happen is August 6, but it could come as late as August 13.


We have seen grand crosses before - there was a grand fixed cross (involving only fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio) on August 17-18, 1999. Cross patterns always portend vast social change as well as dramatic shifts within our personal lives. The planets, when they clang together so discordantly, will show us which areas have moved out of balance and need to be addressed with fresh ideas.


Of all the parts of life that appear to be front and center, your career seems to be getting the most attention, but your partner (or soon to be ex) could be as well.


Saturn, your ruling planet, moved into Libra last month on July 21 and will remain in your tenth house of career and reputation until October 4, 2012. Saturn has not been in this sign and house since late 1980 through mid-1983. Often when Saturn arrives for the first time in a long time, he will upset the status quo and demand you come up with a new approach to the challenges presented.


You soon find that old methods that worked use to work well in the past don't work anymore. Most of us spend valuable time then denying what we are seeing, then panicking, and then trying to apply old tricks that prove no longer viable. After a while, Saturn will continue to twist your arm until you cry uncle and try something new. "Very good!" he will say - and instantly reward you. I have seen this to be true this over and over. Saturn's rare presence in one's career house really does mean none of the old rules apply any more.


In fact, Saturn will be so pleased that you found the courage to become experimental that he will begin to reward you instantly even if the method you chose is not necessarily the perfect answer quite yet. Saturn wants you to crack out of old patterns and the minute you show a willingness to venture out of your comfort zone, you will be encouraged by results. Other people will then come to your side too at that point, so tinkering with the solution will get you assistance you need. The changes and work you are doing in your career will be at times arduous, but the gains you make will be very long-range, yours to keep forever.


One day when you may be celebrating a career victory, or hearing some exciting praise from a boss or client, will be August 20, when Venus and Mars make an exact conjunction at the tip top of your chart. It could be a very gratifying moment - drink it in and celebrate.


The best part of your chart is your apparent luck with home and real estate matters. Conditions are not quite right for you to act now, though, so you will have to be patient until early 2011. You will lose good luck Jupiter in your house of home, property, and family when he moves back into Pisces on September 9. As I will discuss in a moment, Mercury is sending in his fleet of gremlins all month, so I would not want you to make any home or property decisions in August.


Also, on August 14, Uranus will retrograde back into Pisces, but that change actually may be a welcome one, as your home situation will become a bit more stable than it has been since the end of May. If you were born at the end of December, you may have seen your home situation gyrating for weeks. Check to see what happened lately, on July 30, when Mars opposed Uranus - that might have been a startling, unsettling time for home and family matters.


Don't be too hasty to apply a solution, however, because this month it is likely to be the wrong one. Mercury will be retrograde from August 20 to September 12 and will create a confusing situation.


When Mercury, the planet of intellect, communication, commerce, contracts, transportation, shipping, and negotiation is out of phase, the pace of life slows down. Conditions will change quickly and dynamically, in response to all events in the world, seeming at once. (Picture the mercury in an old-fashioned thermometer - mercury moves fast!)


Before you know which way things are going, you would be wise to hold back and wait for the dust to settle so that you can see the road ahead. Important people will become hard to reach or indecisive as early as August 1. You always feel the impending Mercury retrograde far in advance of the date Mercury actually turns backward.


This will make August somewhat of a mess, so you would be wise to table any big initiations until mid-September. Don't sign any leases or contracts, and don't buy anything expensive - certainly not anything electronic large or small, for you won't get the pleasure you hope to get from that purchase. Don't agree to a new job or other major life change - in fact, I would wait to have that important first date, too.


Mars, now in your house of career, has you thinking quite a bit about how you can get ahead. Still, with Mercury creating a ruckus, you can't really make too much progress, so be content with a slow and steady pace for now. With so many planets in your house of career in Libra (Mars, Venus, and Saturn) you would do best to collaborate in a close, one-to-one way rather than try to plan (and operate) alone.


On August 6, coincidently the same day as the cardinal cross will appear, Mars will reach precisely 5 degrees of Libra and send a 90-degree aspect to the June 26 lunar eclipse in Capricorn. This suggests you may get news about a close relationship, whether regarding a personal alliance or a business one. It's possible someone will announce a departure if you have not yet seen someone leave in June or July.


Keep in mind that grand fixed crosses or eclipses in your sign may be stressful, but they are good too in that they have the power to correct imbalances or injustices. If someone wronged you, this cardinal cross may allow you to set things right again.


My point is that not all news would necessarily be bad - sometimes the news can be quite wonderful. Both ends of your emotional spectrum will be extended and widened. Depending on your natal chart and what has been happening lately, you might be thrilled or upset with the news you get near August 6. Yet even if you don't initially like the news you get, it will be news that will work to protect you, and allow you to move forward with your new life with greater certainty.


Be sure to take very good care of your health. Do not put off any checkups, procedures, or surgeries, and take any medication your doctor has prescribed. When eclipses fall in your own sign (in the case of the June 26 eclipse, in Capricorn) you might notice a health matter that needs attention. There is only a small chance this will happen, but I thought I would mention it. Should you notice something doesn't seem right, have a medical consultation. Like a little dog, barking and pulling on your skirt or trouser to make you leave the house, the eclipse will practically make you see your doctor or dentist so that you can get the help you need - and feel good again.


Now let's talk about money. Your financial situation had consumed your thinking during from October 2009 to June 7, 2010. That may have been a stressful period for joint financial affairs. You may have been negotiating the division of property in a divorce or end of a business or disputing an insurance company claim. You may have had to go to court to clarify an inheritance, or ask for an appeal regarding college financial aid.


All sorts of matters involving "other people's money" were being highlighted but there appeared to be some difficulties and discussions may have become inflamed and heated. This is not always the case, but Mars, as the warrior planet, is certainly capable of banging the war drums.


Now, with the new moon, August 9, you will have a chance to redress the financial situation you were focused on, and hopefully, apply a new, workable solution. This time the atmosphere would be calmer than the one that surrounded talks earlier.


Neptune is currently still transiting your second house of personal resources and earned income. (This is a different house than the one where the new moon will arrive and will be found directly across from it on the wheel.) Neptune, the planet that rules confusion and concealment, is in what is considered far mathematical degree from the new moon, nearly 10 degrees away. This is the mathematical limit I usually apply, so I will say to you that you MAY need to factor in the possibility that someone you are dealing with now is not being completely forthright with you. If you feel that you are missing pieces of information when it comes to money, you need to demand full transparency.


Once the Sun moves into Virgo, August 23, you will see tensions reduce enormously.


You may have a chance to take a short trip on or near the full moon August 24, plus or minus five days. This full moon will signal Pluto in Capricorn, so you're sure to have happy results, especially if you need to travel for work. You probably won't return with an order quite yet because Mercury is retrograde, but it appears you'll make a lot of progress. That piece of business is likely to come through next month.


If this trip is for fun and love (anything is possible) then you will have a very happy time. This full moon is falling in poetic, tender Pisces, a sign that blends beautifully with yours. Choose either the weekend that precedes or comes after August 24 - either would be fun. Remember not to drive too far - you don't have to! Pisces rules the sea, so perhaps you will go to a little cottage where you can take in fresh air and enjoy seeing the surf roll in. Lucky you - that sounds soothing and romantic, a perfect way to end a very busy month.





Recent months brought all sorts of meditations about the role of a certain partner in your life, so as you enter August, you'll still be thinking of how to handle recent revelations and what to do about all the talks you've had.


The cardinal cross on August 6 and 7 (plus Mars reaching 5 degrees Libra on the same day) could easily trigger startling news of the eclipse June 26 in Capricorn, especially if your birthday falls December 21-26. Theoretically, any Capricorn could hear news. If you have planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn at 1 to 5 degrees, you will be named in this month's events.


It looks like financial negotiations and appropriations will be first on your list to do. Ordinarily a new moon in your eighth house of side income would help you get a lot accomplished. Yet, this time the once-a-year new moon, coming August 9, won't help as much as you might have hoped.


Neptune will widely oppose the new moon, so facts could be obscured and you'll find yourself trying to get through an environment of smoke and mirrors. You may or may not sense that things are off kilter, however, so you will have to be extra careful to avoid potholes.


If you are in a court case, or trying to settle division of property in a divorce, for example, the other side may keep financial details concealed, or your partner may be a person of integrity, but the figures may simply contain unintentional errors. Either way, you can't quite trust all the reports you get now, so postpone decisions until next month to give yourself time to ask questions and to do more digging.


Saturn is now back in your lofty career sector and urging you to reinvent yourself in a completely new way. Using the same old formulas that worked in the past won't yield the same results, for conditions are shifting rapidly. You'll discover this soon enough (if you haven't already). It's time to move to a new beat and for the little goat to climb a new mountain. You won't have to turn your life inside out necessarily (i.e., change careers), but you will have to expand your base or reach for a more senior position, simply because it's time you showed the world what you are capable of doing.


August 20 could be a day when you impress the VIPs at the top, for Mars and Venus will embrace in your career sector, creating an enormously bright light on you and your accomplishments.


Mercury will be retrograde from August 20 to September 12, so it's not wise to enter into anything new during that phase, UNLESS the offer comes from a former boss or company you worked with in the past. In that case, be my guest - you can take it!


The last part of August will be made for travel, most likely for business. This month will be so busy - it seems to be a hard one to get away for fun. Alas, sometimes life is that way, but even so, you will be able to combine business with pleasure.


If you CAN be the exception to the rule and get away for a few days near August 24, choose an enchanting location that will inspire and center your spirit but that is based not too far from home. With a full moon in Pisces, chances are, you'll choose a cottage by a lake, the sea, or other body of water.



Dates to Note:


Financial developments and other news on August 6-7 and in the following week, as late as August 13, could be startling. Take in all that is going on, but don't rush. You will need time to think. Next month you will have the whole picture.


Your career may also bring news near the same dates, August 6 and 7, into the following week.


The time near August 20 may bring praise and a feeling of accomplishment.


It would not be wise to accept a new position now - wait until the dust settles. You will be better able to sort things out in October. You may feel an urgency to act, but - resist it.


The new moon in your eighth house on August 9 would ordinarily help matters of money but this time may bring more financial questions than answers. Neptune, the planet that spins fog and confusion, will be prominent, so if you are given checks from others, ask questions and demand honest answers.


Mercury will be retrograde in your travel sector from August 20 to September 12. You may need to delay or revise a trip. Call ahead if you have appointments - they may change. Get correct addresses and travel directions, too.


You may need to travel for work, but try also to give yourself some leisure time. Travel will be inspirational and soothing if you go near the full moon August 24.


Romance won't go well the first week of August, so keep a low profile.


Opportunities to have fun and find love will increase once the Sun moves into Virgo, August 23.


Best romantic dates: August 2, 23-25, 29, and 30.


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