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Ray Of Light Rulz!



Dearest Diary

I've been feeling really sad lately,  last week one of my cat's 'Kitten'

passed away she had been sick and we were giving her medicine but

it didn't help. in 2008 our cat 'White Eye' who was 18 and born at my

house, since he passed away she just was never the same and her

health deteriorated. i love my animals with my being so it's rough you

feel me.
THIS morning i had meltdown before i got out of bed. it was

darksided. So I had my appt. with my shrink Dr. Payne, yes pain, isn't

that a scream. Anyhow it was ok.
Anyhow, Ray of Light has been a song that saved my life, as hokey as

it sounds, when it came out there was a family crisis where i ended

up posting missing signs with my younger sister Mary on them and

was asking people if they had seen her. She disappeared on them in

Venice beach, i was  life was chaotic, anyhow i would blast ray of light

constantly cuz it makes you feel good and gives hope.
Last month my cousin passed away, a my other sister and i had a

huge falling out and shit
I've been blasting RAy of Light alot, When I was driving to my dr appt.

'Into the Groove' was on coast 103 i blasted it whilst driving my car.
On the way home i needed to buy thistle seed for my finch friends and

candy. When i got back in my car, Ray of Light was on, i never have

heard it on the radio, i was real excited and it felt like it was a light

was turned on, as i was at a red light i looked at the sign that was

right on the median it said, 'One Way' and it was the way i was going,

and that was forward. when i saw it I just thought MDOLLA RULZ, i love

her, she has helped me in this life on this planet. I know that i have to

keep going and i can't go back, if i would it would be like i was nicole

richie driving on the wrong side of the freeway,  It was just another

reason of how MDOLLA, her music is amazing and she is truly an

amazing artist. So When you are feeling blue, when you are blasting

'quicker than a ray of light i'm flying' it makes your soul dance.

  1. Madonna


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