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madonna 6 mth tour rumours



POP superstar Madonna is planning to hit the road for her “biggest, most unexpected tour to date” — according to a new report.

Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper claims the 51-year-old singer will go on tour for six-months and has been auditioning dancers.

“It’s going to be her biggest, most unexpected tour to date,” a source said.

“he is going back to her New York City roots, with a street/hip-hop feel, and wants to make it a physical, dance-heavy set of gigs.

“Madonna is in peak conditions so the grueling aspect of life on the road isn’t a problem.

“She also road-tested dancers at her fave London club, and had her lover,Jesus Luz, give his opinion.

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I just now came across this post...So since 3 years ago has passed; I can realize Madonna did well and graduated to MDNA which sorrowfully has completed...I always hoped Madonna would have extended this tour, but I now know this can't be done...I feel a little sad...

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