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a rock fan into a madge fan!



well, one year ago i met a guy in my school and he was really really a rock guy.. he dressed like a metallica member at that time.. he still does but when the first time we talked about music he didn't know anything about madonna and i always told him i love her.. and she is the biggest star in the universe. 

trough the months.. he said to me: hey, i've heard one madonna song.. and i was like what? and it was when everything started.. he started listening her with celebration.. (i introduced that song to him) .. passing the days he listened hung up and some others.. 2 days ago he realized what i did.. he saw vogue video and he was like :o what? he loved it..

also he loves the song.. i thought well, i did a gr8 job! another fan to the madonna world.. isn't great!? He's still rocker boy but he does like very much madonna's songs.. and she has kind of influence in his music style.



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