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Madonna Keeps House for D&G



Tue, Jul 6 2010 | 

Madonna Keeps House for D&G

The Queen of pop is back again in a new and exciting ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2010 collection. That’s right, in the campaign shot by Steven Klein in Harlem, New York, the ever changing and always relevant Madonna is going old school Italian matriarch with various scenes and shots including grocery shopping at the local market,  a family meal, patiently waiting while her grandmother alters the hem of her skirt, and an intimate shot of her in the bedroom with her baby. The images are being deemed the “second half of the first movie,” expressed Stefano Gabbana continuing on to say, “we believe the campaign is comforting and that people will somehow identify themselves in the images, which again display a more human and approachable side of Madonna.”



With the black and white photography, the combination of lace and other fabrics, and even the fact that its Madonna, the images can’t help but be relatable yet intriguing at the same time. Domenico Dolce so accurately expressed, “It’s a testament that fashion is part of life and not vice versa.” With a mid-summer U.S. release (July 13th), Madonna is sure to be heating up the already sweltering hot summer months leading into the fall.

VSMadonna D&G Fall2010 smallcover VSMadonna D&G Fall2010 cover VSMadonna D&G Fall20106
VSMadonna D&G Fall20105 VSMadonna D&G Fall20104 VSMadonna D&G Fall20103
VSMadonna D&G Fall20102 VSMadonna D&G Fall20101 VSMadonna D&G Fall2010


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