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audio question



Just a quick audio question to any of you tech geniuses out there lol. So I wanna upload an audio voice of me, if it's me singing a Madonna song or just me talking about whatever... I tried to do a test to see if I uploaded a audio voice of me, since I don't have a webcam hooked up so i'm just using my mic. So I was wondering how the hell do you even upload an audio post on here? cuz apparently Icon doesn't really like me all that much in terms with uploading just a simple audio track or anything. Fucker!! I tried by using windows media player but then it said some shit about how it has to be a certain size or the right link or some shit...idk it pissed me off let's put it that way. lol. So if anyone knows how to do this pm me, or on here, i'd be truely greatful! Thank youuuuu! :D


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