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Miss Madonna's Music?



I've seen around on other forums where there are a number of Madonna fans out there who really miss Madonna's music. I'm kind of feeling that way a bit...but another part of me is enjoying the break a bit and hoping she really does put out a decent album that lives up to Madonna's musical inspiration and innovation. Hard Candy was fun and all, but it was not a breakthrough album Madonna is known for with amazing efforts as her first album, True Blue, Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light, Music, and Confessions.

She's always been a "bad girl".....she's taken chances in her career that has paved the way for Britney, Christina and now Lady Gaga says Madonna inspires her. Madonna has evolved in her 26 years in the music business. She's had her own record company, like Prince's label, went by the wayside and Madonna had to give up her share in it....but she's done other things like sell out the majority of her tours ever since her Virgin Tour craze in 1985 where she sold out in 20 minutes. Unheard of before that.

We all know by now that Madonna can do and does whatever she wants. I basically say she manages herself really. She just tells Guy what do to....I miss the days of Freddie DeMann....I feel she needs someone who will stand up to her....but that's another blog.

I'm glad she's making this movie and I REALLY HOPE it does well. She gets a bad rap and is treated horribly by Hollywood. She's no different from any of those slugs there in Hollywood, In Hollywood, In HOLLYWOOD! I liked when she wrote that song...it was like she was thumbing her nose at Hollywood....and well deserved. They snubbed her the year of Evita....I think she should have been at least NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR, not necessarily win, but at least she should have been nominated! I got agitated at that....but that also is another blog! LOL

That's it for now...please discuss if you like! I will respond in kind.

Hugs to all,



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