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Oh Icon...!



I feel like I should write a song kinda like Madonna did when she sang "the funny song" from DWT, I liked it, I thought it was catchy lol

Well for about 11 months now it's been since I joined Icon last year, It's been great meeting/knowing new people, running into familar faces on here :D Thanks Facebook hehehe but thanks to Icon for Madonna and thank god for Madonna I may add! :)
I'm still gonna stick around on here as long as ever until the forum/website goes... KA-Boom! lol even though the stupid forum won't let me post on it anymore cuz I have to pay ewwwww! But at least it was cool to be able to post when I did, and get to know some new people and talk to some of my other friend's I've known for a while. :) Since i'm a free member at least it's cool to be an Iconer. I like "Madonna freak" better lol I'm always gonna be a fan of Madonna's a true blue fan for life!

Ok so that's all I wanted to say! ~peace~


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