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Is it just me or....



Maybe i'm the only one who thinks this, but whenever I listen to a Lady Gaga song, it sounds like she's got a little bit of a combination between Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Like for example: whenever Lady Gaga does a really high note in some of her songs, I swear she sounds a lot like Christina Aguilera. I thought so when I first heard "Just Dance" when I heard it on the radio I was like "oh xtina must of came out with a new song" then at the end of the song they said Lady Gaga lolLaughing
Then with Pokerface I thought she had a little bit of Gwen in her voice in the middle of the song where she says "Cuz i'm bluffing with my muffin" lol Does anyone think so or well hehehehe maybe it's just me! lolLaughingWink



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