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Stuart Price 2010 vs. 2005



NEWS - Stuart Price 2010 vs. 2005

Stuart Price 2010 vs. 2005

by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Stuart Price who previously worked with Madonna on various tours and on her Confessions on a Dance Floor album, produced Kylie Minogue’s new album “Aphrodite“, gave an interview to English newspaper Times. www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Having worked with them both, he told timesonline that they are almost opposite personalities…

“Madonna has a much more aggressive and determined approach.

Kylie is much more instinctive.”

Oddly Price had a quite different approach when Madonna released Confessions on a Dance Floor, in 2005.

Here’s what he said then…

“The thing is is that you don’t produce Madonna, you collaborate with her.

She’s a really good producer herself and obviously a great writer too.

I’ve never worked with anyone before who is as genuine and as hands on as an artist as Madonna is.

She’s has her vision and knows how to get it but at the same time will be the first person to say ‘I can’t make records without my collaborators.’

Everyone wants Madonna to be the ultimate, cool, strong, fun girl. That’s what they want her to do and that’s why they embrace her so much when she does do it.

The problem is that she’s just way too enthusiastic and intellectual to stay doing ‘one type of music throughout the whole of her career.”


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