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Kylie Minogue:



NEWS - Kylie Minogue: My influences precede Madonna

Kylie Minogue: “My influences precede Madonna”

by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Promoting her forthcoming album, Aphrodite, Kylie Minogue graces the cover of BlackBook magazine. www.absolumentmadonna.fr

She also gave an interview saying she finds being compared to Madonna “lazy”…

“It’s a bit of a lazy comparison now.

If someone were to look at it more closely, they’d see that I have a lot of influences that precede Madonna.

We have friends in common. She’ll pass me a message and I’ll pass a message back to her.

I’m sure we’ll meet one day and have a good laugh.”

The magazine also gives some examples of why the two stars could be compared…

- Madonna has her controversial Sex book, and Minogue has Kylie, an collection of photos - some topless - and an illustration of her with a penis;

- Madonna has Truth or Dare, a tour documentary, and Minogue has White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue;

- Madonna has a much-younger boyfriend, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, and Minogue has 32-year-old Andres Velencoso.

The New York Post has recently asked a sensible question: Is it possible to be a female pop star and not rip off Madonna?


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