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love malawi




We choose Malawi because we refuse to turn our backs on those in dire need. In the fourth poorest country in the world, Malawians face an unfortunate combination of disease, drought, poverty and a lack of critical resources. Confronting these extreme problems on a daily basis exacts a great toll. And few bear the brunt greater than the country's women and children—particularly the 2,000,000 orphaned and vulnerable children.

The challenges Malawians face are immense, but we believe that a different reality is possible. If we work together, our effort can do more than just change Malawi—it can foster change for vulnerable populations throughout Africa.

Raising Malawi is founded in the spirit of ubuntu, an African philosophy that acknowledges the common bond between all peoples. There is a saying in ubuntu: "I am because we are." Translated simply, it means, “Without you there is no me. Your fate is mine.” 

We are all inextricably connected. This is why we strive to raise Malawi.

About Malawi

Malawi is a tiny landlocked nation situated between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique in central sub-Saharan Africa. One of the most densely populated countries on the continent, it is home to 14 million people whose primary vocation is subsistence agriculture.

Having endured years of colonial rule, Malawi has enjoyed a relatively stable government since achieving independence from the United Kingdom in 1964. The capital city, Lilongwe, is second in population only to Blantyre.

Malawi is known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” for its people’s generous spirit and warm hospitality. Malawians have a rich and vibrant culture. Their love of music is passed down in song and dance from generation to generation. Visiting westerners never fail to remark on the kindness and resiliency exhibited by Malawians, even in the face of their greatest adversity.

Issues Hindering Malawi

Raising Malawi has identified five key issues to focus on. While such problems certainly exist throughout the developing world, few nations have seen them converge with such devastating results as those in here. These issues include:

  • HIV/AIDS + Disease: A generation of parents lost to the rampant epidemic of HIV/AIDS.
  • Poverty: Desperately poor rural living conditions isolated by primitive infrastructure and overcrowded peri-urban slums
  • Orphans: 2,000,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in dire need of basic care.
  • Children's Mental Health: Orphans and vulnerable children have no one to turn to for guidance when dealing harsh living conditions.
  • Education: Scarce educational resources and opportunities, especially for girls.

Click on any of the issue links above to begin learning about the problems facing Malawi.






Madonna will match your contribution

When Madonna pledged to match every contribution made to Raising Malawi, support poured in from around the globe at an astonishing rate. This support will ensure Malawians have opportunities to improve their lives.

Madonna was so shocked by the public outpouring, that she decided to raise the goal and continue matching your donations dollar for dollar as they come in. Working together we can ensure the children of Malawi have:

  • Nutritious food
  • Proper clothing
  • Secure shelter
  • Formal education
  • Targeted medical care
  • Emotional care and psychosocial support

Your contribution will help us meet these needs; and every dollar matters. Thank you for your generosity.








let us all unite in order to help raise malawi! up to this site to be able to contribute with your help, since it is already quite a little help makes a big difference to a people that suffered so much and it needs us to be able to get up .. madonna will help accomplish his dream to save this population that live in the dark without that can help them .. ja a little help will make a big difference to malawi ... I made my donation to help MALAWI ... WE ALL TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!
 Let us unite to help raise MALAWI ...





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