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Madonna's 52nd Birthday Celebration



Hi Everyone!!! Thanks for adding me as your friend! I hope everyone doesn't mind all the Madonna wallpapers that I am creating for the Queen for her 52nd birthday! I am working on number 27 and hope to have 52 done by the 16th of August 2010! Help Celebrate this day with me by coming a Fan or suggest a friend to become a fan of "Photos for Flipper!" we would like to have 320,000 fans before the next Dolphin Slaughter that starts right after Madonna's Birthday in Japan where 320,000 dolphins are slaughter each year and sold as whale meat even though the toxicity of Mercury is to high for human consumption. This is Wrong for the Human and The Amazing Sea Bound Mammal the Dolphin.

We are at a time in our history where there is power in numbers in a Global Community... The Dolphin shares a relationship of grace with humans throughout the oceans of time.

We have to to stop this slaughter as it is unlawful for both parties, Human and Dolphin.

Now here comes the Fun Part! What are birthday parties for? Giving of oneself to celebrate the relationship of another!

We are running a photo marathon for the Dolphin!

The Photos should "Express Yourself" and show how Madonna has shown you how important it is to re- invent yourself to be a more positive influence for all earthlings that we share this Life Experience on our one and only Earth.

Now remember your photos come with a dual message because all these photos have to show the world that Madonna Fans have OPEN Hearts and care for all life forms... However we are also are aware that the burning of fossil fuels releases Mercury and other Toxins into the water ways causing harm to all life that values fresh, clean, drinkable, life supporting water.


Here is the link to become a fan or suggest a friend to become a fan of Photos for Flipper! Remember 1 fan for 1 Dolphin - there has to be 320,000 Madonna fans on facebook!

Thanks again for this help and send your desktop wallpapers to

inquiry@mybanffphotographer.com to show the world that your Photo is for Flipper so we can post them on http://photosforflipper.com !!!! We can all show the United Nations that Madonna's fans Rock for Dolphins to live in a fresher, cleaner, ocean!


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