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Madonna our Popular Queen of our Era!



Here is a video of the age we are in!
Many Leos are in the limelight now by NO accident we are species of Spirit.

And our Earth has entered Aquarius which means our sun is in LEO...

The current President of the United States is in fact a LEO as Madonna herself!

Here is her Natal Birth Chart!PHOTO_5732098_119720_8945067_main.jpg

I have been a student of astrology and the cycles of time for the better part of 20 years - I own a very extensive library on ancient wisdom and do read astrological charts with accuracy!
Here is a Google Video that the History Chanel wants you to see!

Leos in our positive walk of life are here to care for humanity during the time of change with our beacons of hope through our creative expression!

I am here to inspire and to provoke positive action like Madonna herself so all of us will live a more proactive life in a time of certain change!

Warmest Regards,



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