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2 WV Men Sell Fake Gaga/Lambert Tix!



Two West Virginia Men Sell $18,000 in Fake Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert Tickets


Mon, 10 May 2010 09:45:11

Con men claim they are innocent

Two West Virginia Men Sell $18,000 in Fake Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert Tickets

A pair of 45-year-old West Virginia men have been arrested for selling tickets to Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert concerts that were never even booked. While your first reaction might be, "Those poor fools who got duped," mine is, "How the hell did these two pull it off?"


The two scammers are denying the charges. Sherman Luke Loy and Dean R. DeSana set up fake ticket sales for a concert that they promoted as starring both Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert to take place at a park near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on April 24. Loy's lawyer has said that fans purchased tickets at prices starting at $100. Loy and DeSana must have been really savvy to get people to pony up $100 for a show that wasn't even confirmed as "existing," especially since info, such as tour itineraries and schedules, are easily locatable online.


Of course Loy and DeSana claim they did no such thing, but authorities have found that Loy and DeSana sold $17,800 worth of tickets to this "show." Given that both artists list their tour dates on their official websites, it's astonishing that these two were able to dupe so many people into thinking this was a real event. I don't know whether to tip my hat to them for almost pulling it off or to think that that authorities should throw the book at them for their actions. If they could pull this off, imagine what other kind of real damage they could inflict?


11 of the duped "ticket buyers" filed police reports against Loy and DeSana when they realized the Gaga-Lambert show was a figment of the duo's well-executed imagination.


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