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Icon and Music Today



Looks like Music Today was bought out by Live Nation. So Icon has come full circle in a way. After Marcia Del Vecchio died, Music Today took over the fan club and the website and chat/forums were born. It worked out well. Then in October 2005, Clique/WB took over and things didn't really get better after that.

Now, Music Today is back to managing Icon and they do have a customer service number you can call and actually talk to a person. I think this is a major improvement. Music Today is located in Crozet, Virginia--kind of close to where I live about 2 hours away......

The thing that pisses me off is the fact that they're saying the same thing who got ripped off in magazines and gifts when Clique took over from Music Today! They are not honoring the promise of the 2009 fan club members to get the very gift we picked! If you didn't rejoin in 2010, you won't be getting a gift. This is totally unfair.

I spoke to two different people about this and they said they had my user name, but no record of me being a member. That makes no sense. They only had merchandise I had ordered, no fanclub information, except for my user name, and other info.

I would have to prove my being a member. And how can I do that? They wouldn't accept old emails from the old company who ran it, so what can I do? Rejoin. And I refuse to do that, because I was promised, along with the other Iconers last year that we'd be getting a lithograph. And now those that didn't renew their memberships won't get anything.

Is this any way to run things? Seems like it's the same old crap yet again. I refuse to rejoin to get something promised to me last year, and that I paid for. And where are the rest of the Icon Digimags? I thought it was stated that we get 4 per year. I can't remember when we ever got that many.....although they kept promising it.

Is this any way to treat Madonna fans?


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