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HOAX: Gaga has leg amputated



Another Hoax: Lady Gaga Amputated Leg

April 30, 2010 09:52 AM EDT

Please don't believe everything you read.  There is a story going around the internet claiming that Lady Gaga had her own leg amputated.  And for no reason!  Some have speculated she did it as a fashion statement.  Really?  Is any sane young woman really going to follow in the footsteps of Lady Gaga and cut off their leg in order to be fashionable?  Perhaps she is hoping to give hope to existing amputees and help them with their self confidence.  Considering that amputees are a very small minority, that is not very plausible.

What amazes me about the situation is that the rumor is getting attention in the first place.  Sure, seeing those words together will create interest in the topic, especially when involving a figure as immensely popular as Lady Gaga is, but the people who are writing about the rumor and confirming it, blow my mind.  There is no logic in doing that whatsoever.  They quote sources saying that they have confirmed the rumor to be true, not realizing that the sources they look at are not reputable, and then the next writer looks at the site that quoted a false source and something like this begins to spiral out of control.

What I did was go to Lady Gaga's website and looked at the news section.  In none of her tweets or recent posts does it mention that she had her leg amputated.  Furthermore, she is in the middle of a tour and would not be able to perform.  She would be in the hospital for quite a while with a surgery like that.  And, no doctor would perform that operation.

Please I hope, you all realize that this is not true.  When you see something like this, or rumors about a celebrity death, look at a reputable site, even MTV.com and confirm the information, before fanning the flame.


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